copper-eyed white female   0103-1076539 



CH Artemis Octavian
   CE White

GC RW Ronlyn Sultan of Jonkats
   Black  0108-427378

GC NW Ronyn Gremlin
   Red  0110-214499

CH PR Ronlyn Fantasy of Jonkats
   Tortie 0147-309165
GC Artemis New Moon
   CE White  0103-644042
Softmagic's Nova of Artemis
   CE White 0102-634490
Marhei Beauty Marque of Artemis
   Black  0109-519847

GC Lexus Night Fury
GC  Lexus Neptune
   Blue 0106-778242
GC Olympian's Zeus
   CE White 0102-359007
GC Kountrylovin Tempest of Lexus
   Blue-Cream  0151-663640     
CH Riell's Heart  to Heart of Lexus
   CE White 0103-774132
GC Kirisisha's Heartbreaker
   CE White 0102-586548
GC Riell's Gadabout
   Tortie 0147-674829

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